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Posting Policy

1. Accurate and Honest Listings

All listings must provide accurate and truthful information about the tires being sold. Misrepresentation, false advertising, or deceptive practices are strictly prohibited. We encourage detailed and informative listings to ensure transparency and trust among users.

2. Prohibited Content

Listings must not contain any of the following:

  • False Information: Including inaccurate details about the tires’ condition, size, or brand.
  • Illegal or Stolen Tires: We do not permit the sale of tires that have been obtained illegally or through theft.
  • Hazardous or Recalled Tires: It is prohibited to list tires that are deemed hazardous or subject to a recall.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

Respect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Do not use images or content that you do not have the legal rights to use in your listings.

4. Prohibited Activities

Users are prohibited from engaging in the following activities:

Fraudulent or Misleading Practices: Any form of fraudulent or misleading behavior, such as scams or bait-and-switch tactics, is not tolerated.

Spam: Do not post multiple identical or irrelevant listings, and refrain from sending unsolicited messages.

Harassment or Discrimination: Respect the dignity and rights of all users. Harassment, hate speech, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or other factors is strictly prohibited.

5. Ad Renewal

We encourage users to renew their listings to keep them fresh and up-to-date. However, do not create duplicate listings for the same item to increase visibility. Renew existing listings instead.

6. Consequences of Violations

Violations of our Posting Policy may result in actions such as content removal, account suspension, or permanent bans. We take policy violations seriously to maintain a safe and reputable platform for our community.

7. Appeal Process

If you believe your content was removed in error or if you have concerns about a policy violation, you can appeal the decision. Our team will review your appeal and respond accordingly.

8. Success Stories and Best Practices

To help users create effective listings, we offer resources such as success stories and best practices. Learn from others who have excelled in selling their tires on My Used Tire Hub.

9. Continuous Improvement

We continuously monitor and improve our Posting Policy to adapt to changing circumstances and to ensure a positive user experience. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to create a responsible and respectful online community.

For any questions or concerns about our Posting Policy, please contact us at [Contact Email]. Your commitment to responsible use is valued and contributes to the overall quality of our platform.